Callippe Silverspot butterfly
Photo: J. DiDonato
Callippe Silverspot butterfly (Speyeria callippe callippe)

The Callippe Silverspot Butterfly was listed as a federally endangered species by the USFWS in 1997. It occurs in the San Francisco Bay area with isolated populations in the East Bay in the Pleasanton/Livermore area. It is dependent on managed annual grasslands supporting host plants including the Johnny Jump ups (Viola penduculata) and coyote mint (Monardella villosa) on which the larvae and adults feed, respectively. It occurs widely across the grasslands of the Ohlone West and Ohlone East Conservation Banks where adults can be seen in breeding display flight and foraging from May through July.

Banks Featuring this Species

Ohlone West Conservation Bank (OWCB) occurs within Southern Alameda County and is immediately adjacent to the existing Ohlone Preserve Conservation Bank, owned and managed by Fletcher Conservation Lands. It is contiguous with watershed lands owned by the San Francisco PUC and wilderness preserves of the East Bay Regional Park District. OWCB has been agency-approved and is now open for mitigation needs.

Ohlone East is a 320 Acre swath of land contiguous with Ohlone Preserve Conservation Bank (OPCB). It it is rich habitat for a number of species, including those endangered species that are present on the neighboring OPCB.

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